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Everyone’s skin is unique so you need bespoke skincare solutions to address our individual skin indications. 
從皮膚的基礎 – 角質層開始為您打造健康皮膚
a German medical skincare brand,
builds your skin heath from the inside out
- the stratum corneum -
核心護膚理念 The core skin care mentality
Skincare starts from the recovery of the stratum corneum and above all, it improves the function of the skin barrier and subsequently also the overall homeostasis of the skin. It is essential to avoid skin care products with harmful substances such as irritants and allergens


DMS® 角質層修護基礎乳 Base Cream

DMS 角質層修護基礎乳與人體肌膚角質層主要成份幾近相同,且片狀紋理結構相似,可完整修補受損肌膚,進行角質層全方位修護,取代大多數護膚產品需使用傷害角質層的乳化劑,為長效保濕乳液中最佳的選擇。

DMS® Base Cream contains a complex of ingredients that are closely matched with the structure and composition of your skin. It is a highly effective moisturiser that will improve skin hydration and repair and regenerate a depleted barrier function which will strengthen the skin and make it less prone to a wide range of problems and imbalances.

醫學級活性成分精華 Medical graded Active Serums

加上超過 30 種活性成分,根據不同人的肌膚特性、病理、氣候轉變而調配出專屬個人的護膚品。配合時間光學專家療程使用,能針對肌膚問題及光療後需要而作出調配處方,達致最佳療程效果。

TIME TRAVELLER offer bespoke solution for each client with over 35 different active serums that are encapsulated in liposomes or nanoparticles. The needs of your skin are reviewed and the selection of Actives can be altered so that your skin care is truly bespoke and changes as your skin changes.

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